Anaesthetic Dream

Synopsis: point by point

  • This is the true story of the life of Estelle Asmodelle, a famous Australian transsexual. It’s the story of a transsexual and a professional Egyptian Belly Dancer who becomes a photographic model.
  • The story details the long, arduous journey for physical fulfilment. It uncovers, in absolute honesty, the discrimination, abuse and manipulation which many transgender people face every day, portrayed in intimate detail.
  • While travelling to Singapore on a male passport, the Singaporean police banned Estelle’s act. They placed her under house arrest simply for being transsexual. It’s a rare account of official persecution of an Australian overseas.
  • Estelle then becomes a member of the famous all-male revue: Les GirlsAfterwards, she becomes a famous Kings Cross stripper, yet unbeknown to everyone, she is still a pre-operative transsexual.
  • Her story explores the physical & emotional pain of a sex-change operation, which has surgical complications. Many issues result from discrimination by Australian medical professionals.
  • This story also details the discrimination and indifference shown by Australian government officials.
  • Estelle then becomes Australia’s first transsexual centrefold girl by posing nude in a mainstream magazine, Playgirl for Men, which creates a massive media storm.
  • Estelle’s personal campaign is instrumental in changing laws within Australia. In fact, she is personally invited to go to the Department of Births, Deaths & Marriages to receive the first amended birth certificate, with the name of the new gender. This event makes her the first legal transsexual in Australia.
  • After discussion with doctors, Estelle publicly reveals her desire to have an Ectopic pregnancy by IVFA new wave of media attention surrounds the controversial issue. Strangely, many doctors are in support of the procedure.
  • Additionally, Estelle unofficially becomes the first person to receive a new passport with a female in the gender designation, making it safe to travel overseas. This is also a first and helps the transsexual cause enormously.
  • Estelle’s image is known throughout Australia, and she is viewed as an essential transgender spokesperson.
  • Eventually, Estelle becomes the first foreign transsexual to be issued a work permit in Singapore. The same country had banned her act some years before. It’s a story of success over government bureaucracy and indifference.
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