Estelle Asmodelle is a well-known Australian transsexual. Additionally, she has been a film actress, dancer, model, musician and is an award-winning screenwriter and artist. Estelle has travelled the world and worked in many countries and appeared in many revue shows.

In 1986 after a complete sex change, she became Australia’s first transgender centrefold girl by posing nude in a men’s publication. A little while later, on the 13th of October 1987, Estelle became the first legal transgender in Australia.

Estelle has appeared in numerous films, documentaries, TV programs, magazines, books and an enormous amount of newspapers and radio programs. She is featured on thousands of websites and has become something of a transgender icon.

Estelle has written feature articles for Journal for Science and Technology in the UK. And was a staff writer for Cosmos magazine in Australia. Her screenplay ‘Pleasure Girl’ won Best Screenplay in 7 International film festivals. The screenplay was an official selection in 15 film festivals to date.


Estelle Asmodelle Dancing
Estelle Asmodelle Dancing
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