Estelle Asmodelle is a well known Australian transgender person. As a young male, she studied towards two different degrees in Physics & Mathematics. However, as a result of discrimination by lecturers and students alike, she chose a career in entertainment as a dancer and underwent a full sex-change operation.

Estelle travelled throughout Asia and worked in cabaret, appearing in many shows, including Les Girls. She then became a model and an exotic dancer, working in the clubs of Kings Cross. In 1986 she became Australia’s first transsexual centrefold girl, by posing nude in a men’s publication. A media storm pushed Estelle’s name in front of the public.

As far back as 1982, Estelle mounted a person campaign to change laws relating to transsexual people, and as a result of those efforts on the 13th October 1987, Estelle became the first legal transsexual in Australia. This gave her an even higher level of notoriety.

Since that time Estelle has lived and worked in Tokyo & Los Angeles and has been a model, dancer and actress. Estelle appeared in her first motion picture film in Japan and went on to appear in other productions. Estelle has been considered multi-talented and worked in Hollywood; her talents include writing, dancing, acting, painting, music and research.

Estelle has won several awards for best albums, best independent music video, and also won awards and honourable mentions for her artworks. More recently, Estelle has won writing awards for her screenplay work.

More recently, Estelle returned to her academic pursuits and written feature articles for Institute of Science and Technology IST (UK) and COSMOS magazine. She completed a B.Sc. in Astronomy with 1st class honours in 2016. Estelle continues to paint abstract works and study towards a PhD in Relativistic Astrophysics and in particular her thesis is entitled, “Time in Physics.”

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