Anaesthetic Dream by Estelle Asmodelle
Anaesthetic Dream Cover by Estelle Asmodelle

Anaesthetic Dream is the story of Australia’s first legal transgender and is an autobiography by Estelle Asmodelle. It’s about changing sex. A personal journey about life and struggle in the 1980s. It is a personalised exploration of the social issues transgender people experience.

Estelle became a centrefold model for, Playgirl for men. The release of this publication made her Australia’s first transgender pinup and created a media storm. Estelle appeared on national television dozens of times and became a familiar face in newspapers and magazines in Australia. During that time, her story spread across the globe.

Estelle had spent years writing letters to government departments, along with gaining media attention, to apply pressure. Finally, on the 13th of October 1987, the NSW Attorney’s Generals Department contacted Estelle. They invited her to go to the Department of Births, Deaths & Marriages to receive the first amended birth certificate with her female name. This made Estelle the first legal transgender in Australia. Soon after, Estelle received a new passport with F, for female, in the gender designation, making it safe for her to travel overseas. Another first for Estelle.

Every aspect of her journey is documented in this sensitive and personal manner. Many of the incidents mentioned in the book are intimate and revealing. Still, it is a tasteful account of an extraordinary life.

This book is currently seeking a publisher.

About the author

Estelle Asmodelle is a well-known Australian transsexual. Additionally, she has been a film actress, dancer, musician and is an award-winning screenwriter and artist. Estelle has travelled the world and worked in many countries and appeared in many revue shows.

Further, Estelle has appeared in numerous films, documentaries, TV programs, magazines, books and an enormous number of newspapers and radio programs worldwide. She is featured on thousands of websites and has become something of a transgender icon.

Estelle has written feature articles for Journal for Science and Technology in the UK. And was a staff writer for Cosmos magazine in Australia. Her screenplay ‘Pleasure Girl’ was selected as a finalist in 15 international film festivals and won Best Screenplay in 7 of the festivals.

Estelle Asmodelle Dancing
Estelle Asmodelle Dancing